Enough with hospital parking fees

Dear Heather:

Your November 11th, 2015 letter to me was so warm and personal that I feel that I know you as a friend but I’m puzzled why you would start our friendship by asking for money.    


You have told me that my donation would be used to purchase “beds, sleeper chairs and other items necessary to provide the very best patient care experience.”


You wrote:   “Can you imagine being a little child, walking, into

                        a big bright shining hospital for the first time when she sees

                        a wall filled with hearts and the girls mom reads out the

                        special message written on your heart…the butterflies

                        settle down a bit. She feels brave enough to go on.”

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Keeping children active during the Holidays

I have heard from parents consistently that their children are becoming lazy as they grow up. The frustration and confusion as to where this lazy generation of kids has come from continues to baffle the majority of us adults.

The whining of children refusing to do work because it is too tedious, declining to go outdoors because it is too cold- or even shying away from some sports because it is too hard has left very few options for our kids, especially during a long break such as the December holidays. With two weeks at home, parents are scrambling with last minute plans of how to keep kids busy and out of the fridge, or loitering around the mall with little or no money.

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William Baker Park: now open to the public

An area North of Downsview Park, the former site of military housing for the former Downsview Air Force Base is now open for the public to enjoy.

The area, North of Sheppard Ave. W, and East of Keele St., and its beautiful woodlot had been off limits to the public since the military base closed in 1996, has been converted into William Baker Park.

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