Residents Want Bathurst Manor Redevelopment to Match Community


By David Ros

Bathurst Manor Plaza proposed development

Since our March issue, we have received numerous e-mails from our reader’s, an overwhelming majority of you have told us that you would like the redevelopment in the Bathurst Manor Plaza to match the needs of the community.

When Sunnybrook produce store closed its doors for the last time in 2004, it signalled the beginning of the end for Bathurst Manor plaza in its current form.

Like many other strip malls located throughout the city, it had slowly gone into disrepair.

Once the store, which served as an anchor of the plaza, located on the corner of Wilmington Ave., and Overbrook Pl., near Dufferin Ave., and Finch Ave. W., was gone, the space had remained empty for more than a decade.

Slowly, other businesses which used to be located in the plaza began to move away. The scenario, which has seen many of the city’s small community plazas, once staples of Toronto’s inner suburbs, levelled to the ground in order to make way for new residential developments had begun to come into play at Bathurst Manor Plaza.

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