Welcome to the Downsview Advocate

In 2013, journalists told us a lot of uncomfortable stories about the mayor of our city.

The media faced criticism for reporting on a video that couldn’t be found, and for making allegations which had not yet been proven in court. And yet, without the pressure from reporters, police might never have released the evidence that prompted city council to withdraw most of the mayor’s power.

Sometimes, reflecting and shaping reality are one and the same.

As we launch this first edition of the Downsview Advocate, we seek to reflect and shape the life of our community. How many of us voted for Ford? How many of us will vote for him again? How many of us knew the TDSB tried to sell off the soccer field at Elia Middle School? How many of us signed the petition to save it?

Reality is always multi-faceted. For some, Downsview is a place with a reputation for violent crime and low voter turnout. For others, it represents a pioneering community of longstanding immigration, hard won successes, and vibrant development. What is it for you? A place you live because you can’t afford prices elsewhere or because you’re proud to look down on the city from its highest point?

Downsview got its name from its height, and its unique perspective on the cityscape. The Downsview Advocate seeks to offer readers a unique perspective on the life of their community, and to become a catalyst for social change and forward movement. We hope you’ll enjoy this first edition, and we hope you’ll become a part of reflecting and shaping Downsview.

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Send us your letter to the editor, promote your community event, publicize your business. Together, let’s help make Downsview a place we all can be proud of.

By Tanya Chute Molina