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Howard Moscoe

Howard is acknowledged as having been one of the hardest working members of Toronto Council. He has always taken a leadership role and has chaired the Toronto Transit Commission, (TTC), Metro Planning and Economic Development Committee, the City's Public Art Policy Committee and chair of the City of Toronto Licensing & Standards Committee which oversees the licenses of some 50,000 businesses. His colleagues recognized his abilities by electing him Vice-President of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario and as a Director of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. He retired from politics in 2010.

Letter to the Editor: What’s Real? LRT vs. Subway

My name is Howard Moscoe and I live in the area south of Finch Avenue, west of Keele Street. I have lived in the sameContinue Reading

California Sandwiches: A delicious gem in Downsview

Tucked away in an industrial mall at the north-west corner of Sheppard Ave. W. and Chesswood Drive is California Sandwiches where they make the bestContinue Reading

The Economics of Flushing your Toilet

Water is free. It falls from the sky. So why is the water bill so high? When you think about it, we have a prettyContinue Reading

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Joy Lewis

Joy Lewis is a Paralegal with seven years of experience gained from working at litigation immigration law firms in Toronto’s downtown core.  She graduated from Seneca College’s Paralegal Program and is a licensed member of the Law Society of Upper Canada.  As the proud owner of Lewis Legal Services, she is happy to provide quality legal service at a time when it is needed the most. It is her goal to relieve your anxiety by providing advice, guidance and legal representation in Small Claims Court matters, Provincial Offences,  and various Ontario Tribunals, including but not limited to, the Landlord and Tenant Board, the Immigration and Refugee Board and the Human Rights Tribunal.

City Council bans the use of Hookah’s in Toronto

Late last year, Toronto city council overwhelmingly voted to ban the use of hookah’s inside licensed hookah lounges. The new law is expected to comeContinue Reading

Just how safe are we in our homes?

After listening to a client’s experience involving hercondominium management and home monitoring system company, I became acutely aware of a false sense of security that we may develop by simply paying to have our homes and personalContinue Reading

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Maria Solis

Maria Solis is a Public Relations graduate from Humber College. She is the Editor and Marketing Coordinator for The Downsview Advocate and a mother of two. As an avid volunteer she has a lot of experience with events and iniciatives in Toronto such as TIFF, Radio Voces Latinas, LAMP, various political campaigns and more.

Revolt Wisely

REVOLT WISELY! HOUSING STRIKES TORONTO!! Homeless in Toronto The prime minister came and I evaded. My tax monies!! Our tax monies!! We pay tax!? WhatContinue Reading


Since March 1st when North York General Hospital announced the closure of the Branson Campus of the hospital in March 2019 there has been muchContinue Reading

NDP leadership debate in Toronto

The NDP is in a leadership race after the membership decided not to support Tom Mulcair in April 2015, there are currently five candidates vyingContinue Reading

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Matias de Doviitis

Matias is an active citizen in our community and has helped to initiate a number of projects and activities. He has founded a number of organizations, including the Organization of Latin American Students, Mosaico 21, Toronto Area Council, CONOSER and Teach2Learn. He currently sits on the Board for CONOSER and M.A.T.A., two not for profit organizations that help youth in Toronto. He has an Honour's degree from the University of Toronto and a Masters degree from the University of Alberta.  Having immigrated to Canada in 1991 from Uruguay at the age of 11, Matias now makes Downsview his home.

Our Schools in Disrepair and Disarray

Our schools are valuable public assets. They help set the prices for homes in our neighbourhoods. They set the standard by which our children areContinue Reading

Elections Ontario not taking action on low voter turnout

In 2015, the Downsview Advocate featured an article illustrating the lack of accessibility to provincial voting locations in the area. Unfortunately, years later and withContinue Reading

Community Meeting on the Future of the Jane and Finch area

Dozens of community members from the area met at the former Regina Paget school site on Norfinch in early December to discuss the future ofContinue Reading

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Natasha Burford

Natasha Burford is currently a teacher with the Toronto District School Board and has been teaching for 10 years. Natasha founded two organizations: More Than Marks tutoring and Women Of Race Climbing It Together (WORC IT). Natasha holds an undergraduate degree in Administrative studies from York University, and a certificate from the Rotman’s school of management at University of Toronto. In 2006, she graduated with a teachers college degree from York University’s Urban Diversity Program and gained her Masters degree at University of Toronto, where she is currently pursuing her PhD in social justice education. Mother of three boys, Natasha is married and loves to spend her free time reading to her children, dancing and travelling.

Celebrating the Diversity of Mothers and all that they do

I attended a parenting class recently because I had questions about how to effectively raise healthy, responsible children, especially in today’s society. I would beContinue Reading

The Power of Parents

Many times parents are convinced that they are sending children to school to “get” an education. The reality is that children are learning wherever theyContinue Reading

Keeping children active during the Holidays

I have heard from parents consistently that their children are becoming lazy as they grow up. The frustration and confusion as to where this lazyContinue Reading

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Tom Rakocevic

Tom Rakocevic is a lifelong resident of the Downsview-York West community.  He has a Masters degree in Science and a degree in Education and works as the Executive Assistant to City of Toronto Councillor Anthony Perruzza.

Ford government must stop putting down our community

Many in our community were rightly offended when a minister in Doug Ford’s PC government made comments in the Ontario Legislature that put down ourContinue Reading

Our Community Deserves Fair Auto Insurance

It’s 2018 and the Downsview community still pays some of the highest auto insurance rates in the country. I raised the issue of auto insuranceContinue Reading

A Difficult Journey to Freedom

The Vietnam War (1955-1975) was a terrible battleground of the Cold War. For many, knowledge of this conflict comes through an American perspective in moviesContinue Reading

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