Ranked Ballot Reform is Not Good for Our Cities


Electoral reform is needed in Canada. We have majorities in the Canadian Parliament and in the Ontario Legislature due to our first past the post system of elections when no party has won a majority of the vote.

We also have very large numbers of people not voting, making any government suspect to questions about legitimacy. Those are real problems. Ranked ballot reform is not the same as Proportional representation reform and would actually make these problems worse.

Unfortunately, there is a big push now to get our cities to take this system on.

What it would, were it to be implemented would be to create a system that actually reduces the number of people that vote over the long term, as well as making it easier to stay elected for incumbents. Neither of these two things are good for democracy.Continue Reading

The Senate in Canada: A Throwback that Needs to be Abolished


This fall the Duffy Senate scandal trial will be back on the news, once again highlighting everything that is wrong with our country’s unelected chamber of Parliament. Canada does many things well, but the Senate has not been one of them.

It is a bit laughable that in the 21st century we still have an unelected body of people approving our laws and running our government.

The original concept for the creation of the Senate was that Canada, as a new country, required a sober second chamber to temper the will of the House of Commons. In today’s words, what that really means is that the rich and politically connected do not feel that the “commoners” would make the right decisions and needed a second opinion. Continue Reading

Engaging the community leads to better schools



By Matias De Dovitiis


Our neighbourhood does not have the same quality of schools as other parts of the City. We need to do better. Getting our students and our parents to participate more in their school communities is an important step that we need to take in order to return our schools to where they need to be.

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) has just released test scores and many of our schools did not do as well as schools in many other districts in both the Grade 9 Mathematics and Grade 10 Literacy Tests. There are many reasons for this, but our schools need to be more engaged in order to turn this around. In order for this to work, increased engagement can’t just come from students, teachers and administrators, but parents and community members also need to be more involved in their children’s school lives. This is critical.

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