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Homeless in Toronto

The prime minister came and I evaded.

My tax monies!! Our tax monies!! We pay tax!?

What for?

For Homelessness. The jungle is disappeared now. Now a concrete Jungle.


Since March 1st when North York General Hospital announced the closure of the Branson Campus of the hospital in March 2019 there has been much confusion about the fate of the services at the site.  One of the facilities at the Branson site is the Judy Dan Research and Treatment Centre.  The Centre is unique in that it is a registered charitable organization that offers free treatment for chronic non-healing wounds utilizing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and does ongoing research into wound healing.  The clinic leases space in the Branson Building from Advent Health Care, the landlord and owner of the site.  Although North York General Hospital has started to remove some services from the Branson site, other new private services are opening, including a new walk- in clinic.

Dr. Ron Linden, CEO and medical director said that the clinic is going to remain in the Branson site until the current building closes.  As such the March 2019 closing date for North York General Hospital will have no effect on the operation of this clinic.  The director is aware of the new medical building being planned for the site in 10 to 15 years and feels it would be a good site to relocate the facility when it becomes available.  As far as the Branson building is concerned, Dr. Linden feels it will meet the needs of this clinic for the foreseeable future so no move is planned in the short or medium term.

Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy involves a patient breathing 100% oxygen in a specially designed chamber under increased pressure for ninety minutes per day 5 days a week to increase the oxygen concentration in the patient’s blood.  This increased oxygen assists the body’s defenses in fighting off infections and increases the capability of the body’s cells to heal wounds.  As well, the increased oxygen concentration is also known to cause the release of STEM cells which migrate into wounds and develop into new blood vessels and skin cells, accelerating the healing process.

The Judy Dan Research & Treatment Centre provides treatment for hundreds of patients annually, using 9 ‘state-of-the-art’ Pan America Hyperbaric Chambers.  The Centre also uses Laser Doppler to evaluate blood vessels around a chronic wound and transcutaneous oximetry to measure oxygen concentration in tissue around a wound to assist in developing the most effective treatment protocols for the patient.  Most of the patients in this Centre are diabetics who suffer from poor healing and many of whom would be forced to amputate limbs without the free treatment provided.  A long-time patient of the clinic has had his leg saved by this treatment twice in the last year after he was injured in a minor car accident and, in a separate incident, after his foot was run over by a grocery cart.  This type of treatment was originally used for treating diving injuries, such as decompression illness.  It is now internationally recognized and used for treatment of carbon monoxide poisoning, bone infections, gangrene, failing skin grafts, flesh eating disease, crush injuries, burns, radiation burns following cancer radiation treatment, sudden hearing loss, sudden vision loss and brain abscess not responding to antibiotics.

The capital and operational costs of providing services at the Treatment Centre are derived entirely by charitable donations.  As a charity, the centre does not charge patients for treatments. For further information or to make a donation, please contact the centre by telephone at 416-223-6600 or by email at

NDP leadership debate in Toronto

The NDP is in a leadership race after the membership decided not to support Tom Mulcair in April 2015, there are currently five candidates vying to replace him, Charlie Angus, MP for Timmins-James Bay, Niki Ashton MP for Churchill- Keewatinook Aski, Guy Caron MP for Rimouski-Neigette-Témiscouata-Les Basques, Peter Julian MP for New Westminster-Burnaby and Jagmeet Singh MPP for Bramalea-Gore-Malton.

Jagmeet Singh, a York University graduate from Osgoode Hall Law School, was back near his riding which is in Mississauga and Brampton and took the opportunity to show part of his plan for urban areas. Jagmeet called for a “national strategy for building up cities and for supporting cities to allow them to have the infrastructure that they need”, in particular he highlighted a need for a strategy around “Infrastructure around public transit and housing”.

Jagmeet also discussed his long history fighting the racist practice of carding or street checks which disproportionately targets racialized men, and the bill he put forward to end it. He also spoke about immigration as a force for good, “Immigration has built up our country, we are here because of immigration”.

If you’d like to watch the debate you can see it on the website of the United Steelworkers at The next debate will be hosted in Saskatoon on July 11th and will be available on the NDP’s website. To be able to vote for leader you must be a member of the party no later than August 17th, which you can join through the party’s website. The voting process will take place online through a ranked ballot and will begin on September 18th ending at the latest on October 29th.