William Baker Park: now open to the public

An area North of Downsview Park, the former site of military housing for the former Downsview Air Force Base is now open for the public to enjoy.

The area, North of Sheppard Ave. W, and East of Keele St., and its beautiful woodlot had been off limits to the public since the military base closed in 1996, has been converted into William Baker Park.

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The ‘Next Steps’ to Meaningful Employment


Like most recent university graduates, Andrea Jara was feeling overwhelmed.

After completing her Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences from York University this past April, Jara was now presented with the task of transferring the skills and credentials gained through her studies into some sort of full-time employment. A task that Jara, 23, said was like another full-time job in itself.Continue Reading

Election results a mix of old and new

by David Ros


elections- Anthony Perruzza, Maria augimeri, Patrizia Bittoni, Tiffany FordThe recent Toronto municipal elections have brought about some changes to the political landscape in this city as well as in Downsview.

While the city has a new mayor in John Tory, voters have, for the most part, elected to maintain the status quo on city council. Of the 44 seats on council, only 8 will be filled by councillors who were not city councillors during the last term. However, one of those 8 seats belongs to outgoing mayor Rob Ford, who was elected councillor in Ward 2 where he previously served from 1999-2010, and the majority of the new councillors were elected after the previous incumbents had decided not to seek re-election.Continue Reading