Letter to the Editor – How’s your Rogers?



Re: How’s your Rogers? Aug. 2014:


My internet service is very slow when I first try to log on. It can take up to 15 minutes or longer and sometimes I even have to reboot to get on.


My cable television is alright except for the Smart TV which relies on the wireless router, which is horrible and videos continuously stall during playback.


I find the service to be very expensive indeed and I resent having to pay an extra $6.99 to order a movie on top of the extraordinary amount that I am already paying them, which is over $200 a month, for telephone, cable and internet.





Re: How’s your Rogers? Aug. 2014:


We have lived in the Keele & Finch area for 40 years and we are practically neighbours.


Every night at 2 a.m., my cable box shuts down and does a reboot and it lasts for around 20 minutes.


This has been going on since the first boxes came out. The service is horrible and the prices are incredibly high, I agree with you 150 per cent and I believe our voices should be heard!


Thanks for writing such an article and I hope it catches others eyes as it did mine.


Anonymous writer.


Tom Rakocevic – Letter to the Editor

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my wonderful neighbours in York West for their tremendous support of my candidacy in the 2014 provincial election.

4._walter_and_tom The election was an incredible, fulfilling experience. My campaign had the highest amount of growth (2,000 more votes for a total of 10,007), the most votes of all candidates within the municipal boundary of ward 8, and we finished a very close second overall – all thanks to you. The people of our community continue to face real challenges such as unfair high levels of auto insurance, difficulties in finding good jobs, rising costs of living and much more. You can count on me to continue standing up for our community and I look forward to running again in the next election. Tom Rakocevic Ontario NDP Candidate 2014