TRCA building’s groundbreaking event

I was pleased to participate in the ground-breaking ceremony on June 7 for the brand new Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) head office in our community. This project is significant for many reasons.

The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority is an essential provincial body that manages our city’s watershed and ravine system (such as the Humber River and Black Creek waterways). They ensure that the ongoing effects of climate change are mitigated, and they do the bulk of behind-the-scenes work in ensuring our community remains as safe as possible from flooding and pollution. The reason we have clean and reliable water sources is partially due to the good work done by the TRCA. As seasonal and flash flooding becomes more commonplace, the TRCA’s efforts are becoming ever-more essential.

The building itself is to be on 5 Shoreham Drive. It will be a state-of-the-art eco-friendly structure that sets a new standard for office building development with the highest ‘green’ certifications and low-carbon footprint. The building is aiming for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) platinum certification as well as “WELL Building” certification. It is the kind of building we can point to when looking to achieve the highest standards in commercial building development in our community and City. It is set to be completed in spring, 2021.

The economic impact of this new building will also be a welcome benefit to our community. The hundreds of full time jobs the office will bring, in addition to the thousands of volunteers it will attract every year, will generate new business and economic activity to our area.

The TRCA was founded in the wake of Hurricane Hazel’s disastrous flooding impact on the City of Toronto. Its mission statement is to ensure our city and region’s ability to weather 10, 25, and 100-year storms is maximized, and our watersheds and ravines remain protected from pollution and inappropriate development. It is essential to the quality of life in our city. 

In my roles as TRCA Chair, Toronto City Councillor, and TRCA Board Member I have overseen this project since its infancy and I was extremely proud to be alongside other dignitaries to break ground for it in Humber River—Black Creek. 

Maria Augimeri
TRCA Board Member,
Former TRCA Chair,
Former Toronto City Councillor

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