Our MPP’s year in review

It has been a year of new beginnings. A year ago, I was honoured to be elected by you to represent our community at Queen’s Park.  A little over a month later, I welcomed my first child into the world. In that time I have been working tirelessly at Queen’s Park and in our community for positive change.

I am proud to stand up for you, and now my son Aleksandar, who reminds me every day of why it is important to build a better future for all of us.

This past year, we’ve come together often at Town Halls I’ve hosted on fairer auto insurance, such as my bill that would have reduced premiums by a billion dollars, and on fighting the cuts to education, autism funding and this government’s bill that will now allow developers to build with little community input and benefits to neighbourhoods. We have connected at local events and meetings, parent-teachers councils, seniors’ groups and more. We’ve shared our ideas, voiced concerns, signed petitions, and I’ve brought them all to Queen’s Park. I am proud of what we’ve done together.

It is important that our students understand how important their role in our community is.  As such, I have created an annual Youth Community Leadership Award for ‘civic engagement’ which I have had the pleasure of giving to many students at the 30+ graduation ceremonies in our riding. My office and I also actively participate in the Humber River-Black Creek Youth Council, which now meets regularly to discuss issues within our province and city. These are our future leaders and I am very proud of doing what I can to encourage them.

The legislature has risen for the summer, I will continue to knock on doors, attend our local events and meetings, and assisting you when you need me. You can reach my office at 416-743-7272 or email at TRakocevic-CO@ndp.on.ca, and keep up to date by following me on Twitter at @RakocevicT and on Facebook. 

I wish you all a safe and happy summer!

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