Celebrating fathers: Fathers Across Cultures (FAC) will celebrate its 10th anniversary Gala

Fathers Across Cultures (FAC) will celebrate its 10th anniversary Gala on June 15th 2019. As a subsidiary program of Out Of Bounds (OOB), a charitable organization, FAC provides services to fathers, mentors and young men who are considered ‘fathers-to-be.’

This community-led initiative was launched in June 2009, to empower men from all ethnicities. The program identifies the need for positive male role models, which helps to strengthen the family system and minimize frustrations and violence.

Out Of Bounds sought to identify the root causes of violence, particularly gun violence, which has adverse effects on the behaviour and attitude of young men. A needs assessment determined an existing gap in male role models in young men’s lives.

Through education, support and encouragement, ‘fathers across cultures’ program is committed to empowering young men, by providing them with invigorating, effective male role models.

Utilizing a QUIRL concept of Q-quality, U-unity, I-integrity, R-responsibility and L-leadership, FAC program also educates young men, fathers and mentors, on the importance of their contribution to the family system. Participants gain emotional intelligence, and learn strategies which enhance their innate capabilities as leaders and prospective fathers.

Empirical data indicates that a strong male influence in a child’s life is invaluable, irreplaceable and necessary for children, families and community. Scholars agree that positive male role models have a profoundly positive and physiological effect during childhood, but specifically on young men, during adolescence and into adulthood.

Rev. Sky Starr, founder and executive director believes that “strengthening the family system and community, begins with empowering our young men and fathers.”

FAC events feature celebrities and local talents to inspire and celebrate men, families and the community. Artists like Jully Black, JRDN, Carlos Morgan and Liberty Silver have graced FAC’s stage, while Al St. Louis, a native of Jane/Finch, has been resident host from inception.

A key highlight is FAC’s Poetry Contest, where students write a poem or prose about the best dad, stepdad, grandfather, guardian or mentor they’ve had. The winner’s family receives free tickets to attend the event. The subject of the winning poem is recognized as “father of the year,” while the student gets to read their piece during the event, and see it posted on FAC site.

This family affair is open to all men and families across cultures in the GTA.

For more information visit: www.fathersac.org. Tickets – Rev. Sky: 647-724-511

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