GO buses no longer going to York University

As of January 5th, 2019 Metrolinx (GO Transit) buses will not be stopping at York University or on Keele Street. Route 25F – west routes 25F, 45, 46, 47, 48, and east routes 51, 52, 54 will now be accessed solely via Highway 407 Station.

This change will impact students commuting into York University and people in the surrounding area. Many hoped that extending the subway would mean a faster commute, instead impacted students and others are disappointed to learn that they will have to add an additional lengthy transfer and spend up to a $1000 more a year on fares. A discount option is available for commuters transferring between transit systems, adults can save $1.50 and seniors/students can save $0.55 off their fare. However, this option is only available to those who use Presto cards.

This is the second transit system who has decided to pull their routes from the York University campus. Back in early September 2018 York Regional Transit (YRT) decided their routes will no longer go into the university, instead they would end on Steeles Ave. or at Pioneer Village station.

Metrolinx website ensures users that they are committed to “make travel through the region better and faster to major destinations, improve connections between local transit and operate efficiently.” This is not the case for many students and area commuters who are rightfully concerned with the added travel time, fees, inconvenience, PRESTO-only discounts, lack of consideration for people with disabilities and the safety of walking at night or during harsh weather conditions between stops.

Forcing commuters and students to pay double fares has impacted not only York University students but also students in the area who rely on the GO buses to commute to post-secondary schools in Scarborough, Mississauga and Waterloo. One resident from the nearby area explained that he would usually walk to the York University campus to grab the GO bus to Centennial college in Scarborough. He will now have to take TTC to highway 407 station, adding approximately 30 minutes to his commute and about $250 in fare per semester.

A petition has been started by CUPE 1356 and York Federation of students urging Metrolinx and VIVA/YRT to resume service to the school, 17,532 have already signed it. The petition can be accessed www.yuride.ca.


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