Bruise news – potatoes

I think we are all familiar with bruises, especially on our knees and on our kids.  On our bodies, bruises show the rupture of the tiny blood vessels called “capillaries” due to injury.  The bruise fits right into the body’s self-repair project, which includes temporary blood clots and reconstruction.  Usually, there is nothing to worry about and not much to do. An ice pack early in the injury can move the process along.

It is not exactly the same with bruised potatoes (or apples, etc.).  A potato, once bruised, does not heal. Although there is some slow movement of fluids inside a vegetable, there is no blood and no repair mechanism.  A plant can seal off the injured area and just work around the injury. A bruised potato gets a black spot and before we eat the potato, we instinctively cut the bruise off.   

And that’s the smart thing to do.  Although the bruise does not make the potato sick, eating the bruise could make you sick.  The bruised spot on the potato collects toxins and pathogens (germs). They are bacteria feasting on the injured potato tissue, and you don’t want to eat that or them.

Dr. Caius Rommens, Ph. D., is a scientist who was working in genetic engineering (GMO) with a company in Idaho –  Idaho is famous for American potatoes like PEI for Canadian potatoes. He is my hero today. Dr. Rommens blew the whistle and quit his job.  His team created a potato that does not change color when bruised. The bruise stays white—but it still collects the toxins and pathogens. The company, called Simplot, sells these potatoes as “bruise-resistant” or “russet-white.”  However, they are not bruise resistant:  they just conceal the toxins so you are more likely to consume the pathogens.  

In an interview, Dr. Rommens explained how good scientists get involved in bad work and why the government approval process fails to intervene.  You can read it at .  He wrote a book about these issues, Pandora’s Potatoes: The Worst GMO’s.

I am fully convinced that we should avoid GMO foods.  They do not solve any problems. The evidence of their harm is increasing.

Comments or questions? Write to Nicole Constant is a registered Doctor of Naturopathy.   Her website is:  www.IndividualCare.CA.

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