The Municipal Election – Spotting familiar last names

In the races for Public and Catholic School Trustee and for City Council respectively, Christopher Mammoliti, Ida Li Preti, and Deanna Sgro, all children of established politicians, can be perceived to be seeking to leverage their last names in order to get elected. It is not unheard of for the children of politicians to try to win a seat, but three in one area at the same time is very rare. The fact that all three have some controversy around their families makes this circumstance even odder.

Christopher, who is seeking election as a trustee for the TDSB, is running alongside his father, Giorgio Mammoliti. Giorgio, the current Councillor of the old Ward 7, has been no stranger to controversy during his more than two decades at City Hall. Perhaps the more serious controversy that he (as of Aug 25, 2018) is was under investigation by the OPP for his alleged role in a land deal in his Ward that would have had the Toronto Parking Authority, which is fully owned by the City of Toronto, pay $2.63 Million more than the land was actually worth to a developer. While the deal has been cancelled by Toronto City Council, the investigation is still ongoing.

His son is unconnected to this issue and other matters but may face the same electoral fate as his father in the upcoming election. Currently, polls show the latter is second in the race.

The race for Catholic school trustee also contains an offspring of a local politician, the daughter of former Ward 8 Councillor Peter Li Preti. Ida Li Preti has put her name on the ballot.

In 2013, Peter was found by an independent auditor to have accepted $21,000 in corporate donations and to have exceeded his campaign budget limit by more than $3,000 in his failed 2010 bid to unseat Anthony Perruzza from city council. Corporate donations are banned under the Toronto Municipal Elections Act. While Peter has largely kept a low public profile since then, it is not known what, if any effect his last name will have on his daughter’s election prospects.

Last names are important, and Deanna Sgro may be the best example of that. She reverted to using her mother’s name in the last Provincial election, where she was a candidate for the Liberal party and came third. Her mother is the current Member of Parliament for the area, but until last year, she went by her married Deanna Natale. In 2013, Deanna Natale, as she was then known, was “found to have engaged in professional misconduct,” by the Law Society of Ontario while she was working as VP and general counsel of Affinity Global, one of the largest debt collection agencies in Canada.

Whether or not the name change is working is hard to say before the election, but the latest public poll has her fourth in the race for Council in Humber River – Black Creek.



*See page 3 print edition, vol 9(5)

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