Letter to the Editor: Our Parks

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Dear Editor,
Like usual, we went out this morning to our local park, Fountainhead Park, to walk our dogs. Like usual, sadly, we were faced with a barrage of litter left behind by park users.
I counted fifty-seven pieces of garbage on the grass in the east side of the park.
Mainly water bottles, some empty, some not. Also chip bags, Mr. Freezie wrappers, crushed pop cans, fast food drink cups, and a discarded empty cigarette package.
I don’t understand why park users can’t simply use the litter and recycling bins to dispose of their garbage.
This isn’t the first time I’ve written about this problem. The nearby high school works hard to keep this part of the park litter free. Our local city Councillor and his staff are working hard along with Parks and Rec staff to make the entire park welcoming and something to be proud of.
What will it finally take for everyone everyday to respect our neighbourhood park?
Janis Jaffe-White
P.S. I attached a garbage bag to an end zone pole and to a tree on the field in the park. You can see from the attached photos that the bags have been used, thank goodness.

I’m not certain how much of a difference this small step will make but I am hopeful.
P.P.S. I have given up on trying to help keep the park clean. The bags keep getting removed by whom, I don’t know.
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