Humber River – Black Creek vote for change

For the first time in over two decades, the residents of Humber River – Black Creek have voted for change. On June 7th, NDP candidate and life-long resident, Tom Rakocevic, won with over 2,200 votes in his third provincial run defeating PC candidate Cyma Musarat and Liberal candidate Deanna Sgro.  

“I deeply thank Humber River – Black Creek for their support and I am honoured to represent our community at Queen’s Park,” said Rakocevic.

Rakocevic has been a long-time advocate for the community and was Executive Assistant to Toronto City Councillor Anthony Perruzza.  He campaigned on auto insurance reform, as well as dental and pharmacare coverage for all Ontarians.

The election was won by Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservatives, who will form a majority government with 76 seats. The NDP won 40 seats and will form the Official Opposition. The 7 seats won by the Liberals is not enough to grant them official party status, and the Greens won a seat.

A majority PC government means they have more seats than the other parties combined, and they can vote to pass or fail any legislation despite objection from the opposition.

As a member of the Official Opposition, Rakocevic said he is up to the challenge and will remain a vocal advocate for his community at Queen’s Park.

“We must ensure that this Conservative government understands the needs of working families, not just the wealthiest Ontarians,” said Rakocevic.

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