PEACH Radio: Planting seeds, growing a community

There is no doubt that the Jane-Finch community has been known for many things over the years some of which have not always been very positive. This being said, there has also never been a shortage of occasions within the community that are worth celebrating. The launch of PEACH Radio is one such occasion.

Community leader, Wayne Black, and Shari Castello, the Executive Director of PEACH (Promoting Education and Community Health), launched PEACH Radio in the hope that it will serve as a platform that would facilitate dialogue in the community by creating an open public forum to discuss issues such as education, mental health, justice, and more. This exciting and innovating project will also provide many opportunities for young and aspiring journalists in the community. Moreover, local businesses and neighbourhood organizations will benefit as they now have a local outlet through which they can advertise and promote themselves.

“We want people to be insightful and aware of what’s happening,” Wayne Black says. Both Black and Castello emphasize the need for more local communication outlets in the community, citing the many notable developments in the education and public health front that need to be better publicized.

Some of the key focuses of PEACH Radio will include local artists, local athletes, local community organizations and agencies, and the local experiences and concerns of youth in the community.

The official PEACH Radio launch took place on May 3 and despite the rainy weather, familiar faces in the community including local artist, Kofi Frempong, and members of the Black Creek Community Health Centre came to show their support. Other locals artists such as EYE 2 EYE and Sydanie and Terence Penny also showed their support by performing for the audience. Both Wayne and Shari hope that this project will bring to the fore underground issues that are often overlooked and to create a forum that will connect local issues, the arts, culture and education to reinforce the voice of the community. Visit today to hear about what’s happening in and around the community.


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