Free Wi-Fi at Keele & Finch

We are proud to be launching this new program to make Wifi more accessible in the neighbourhood and better serve our business owners.

We are excited about our DUKE Heights Free Wifi project and we encourage you when you see the DUKE Heights Wi-Fi signal near Keele and Finch to sign on and try it out. This is a 6-month pilot project before we start spreading the program out across DUKE Heights. This means that we want your feedback! If you are using this service and you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us at .

On July 4th, this Summer the DUKE Heights BIA officially kicked off a Free Wi-Fi program at the corner of Keele and Finch. This is the start of a 6-month pilot program that will be introduced across the entire DUKE Heights neighborhood over the next 2 years. Free Wi-Fi is an initiative that has been brought in over many other municipal areas over the years, and yet in Toronto it can still be difficult to find readily available. The DUKE Heights BIA wanted to help bridge that gap, by providing this essential service for business owners, their customers, and the community.

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