Woodhouse Stout: Traditional style with local flavour

In 2014, former Labatt employee Graham Woodhouse carried on a family tradition for entrepreneurship by founding Toronto’s own Woodhouse Brewing Company.  His recipe for a refreshing amber lager quickly drew acclaim and the brew became a staple on summer patios at pubs across the city.

To complement its refreshing and sweet summer lager, Woodhouse recently released its second brew, Stout, better suited to the colder fall and winter months.  Leveraging partner The Cool Beer Brewing Company’s medium-scale production facilities, carefully selected ingredients were combined under the supervision of brew master Adrian Popowycz in the traditional Irish style.  Its pleasant simplicity quickly landed it on the LCBO’s shelves.

With plentiful carbonation, it pours with a rich, appetizing froth.  Its dry body has caramel notes and a chocolate bitter finish.  At 4.7% alcohol, it’s a bit lighter on the malt than some of the mainstream stouts.  It pairs well with stone oven baked pizza and pasta with sausage and sun-dried tomatoes.

The expansion of Woodhouse Brewing’s offerings showcases some of the emerging talent that the growing local craft brewing scene has to offer. Here’s to hoping the trend continues.  Cheers!

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