A message from Millennials: We are The Love Generation

By: Donya Yarahmadi and Jodie Vanderslot

We are criticized for our lack of political involvement and a dependence on the ever-expanding world of technology that is to blame for the mass extinction of our parent’s way of life. We are ridiculed for getting participation trophies, for being inaccurately labeled as “special” and are glorified by our “helicopter” parents who created this false sense of entitlement. Contrary to this crude, incorrect and downright offensive depiction of millennials, these “lazy, trophy loving, narcissists” are not the type you want to mess with!

The US election shed light on a wide range of issues. Most importantly, we saw the many liberal certainties Americans were accustomed to shift to uncertainties. The result? A sense of instability towards the future of the United States of America. An America that is, at best, described as divided, is relying on millennia’s to take control of the future. The rise of resistance fighters, activists and socially aware citizens means taking the wheel and steering towards progress, equality and acceptance –no matter what country you live in.

Those core concepts define the generations’ values and we are unwilling to settle for anything less. For millennials, the weapon of choice is clear and highly effective: social media. As a first choice for the declaration of thought and opinion, it was only natural for it to become the battleground for resistance.

Following Trump’s inauguration and on his first day in office, an uprising of the millennial generation (including countless groups victimized by the President’s rhetoric) had a noticeable presence throughout the world. The Women’s March at Queens Park, in Toronto, boasted an estimated 60, 000 people. Globally the message was clear, summarized by the Clinton slogan: Love TRUMPS hate.

So what motivated the “laziest” and “most self-absorbed cohort” to date to gather in these enormous masses across the globe and protest the election of a foreign leader?

The answer is simple; we are the LOVE generation. Collectively, the millennial generation is more educated, sensitive, diverse and compassionate. This movement proves that we are the generation intolerant of inequality. All we know is diversity and this is all we will accept. A threat to our values and way of life will be unapologetically confronted with vocal, unrelenting and global protests. Social media provides us with unparalleled opportunities to leverage and amplify our voices to the full extent, crossing borders and gathering together to form a united front.

Through a loud resistance, the millennials armed with their cellphones, mastery of social platforms and forceful resistance are bringing political engagement to new heights, resulting in a virtual and physical movement. Reclassifying and owning what some may deem as weaknesses, we are turning vice into virtue. These protests online or in the streets resuscitated societies much needed attention and engagement with politics, government and hidden societal issues.

We are a generation not defined by laziness but immense social, political and environmental challenges. We will not be silenced or disheartened by the negative depictions of our generation and will continue to be a force of positivity to be reckoned with. Move over baby boomers – the Love Generation is the new it generation!

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