Restaurant Review: La Traviata Ristorante & Pizzeria – 852 Wilson Ave. – – 416-635-8891

La Traviata has got to be one of the best Italian restaurants in all of Downsview. On a clear moonlit night I dined with my extended family, on my wife’s side, due to the awesome generosity of my beloved in-laws, who have hearts of gold. We have dined here on maybe ten to fifteen occasions. The restaurant never fails to impress, therefore, never disappoints.

The restaurant is impeccably clean, and the white table cloths add charm to the décor. The grey walls exude a feeling akin to something from Architectural Digest.

The wait staff is always congenial, warm, effervescent, and beguiling, which always wins us over. I would be remiss if I did not mention that it was, of course, mainly due to the awesome cuisine.

The restaurant is very intimate but still affords patrons the opportunity to converse at an audible level. When there are lulls in conversation, there is some very appealing pop music which serenades you as you dine.

Since we usually go with a party of eight, everyone habitually delves into different entrees. We usually forgo any appetizers or desserts due to the fact the entrees are of generous proportions.

My wife habitually opts for the chicken parmigiana with penne -which she devours since it’s so delectable. My father-in-law and mother-in-law sometimes elect to choose shrimp arrabiata or veal parmigiana. Those two entrees are finger lickin’ good! My sister-in-law and her partner usually share two entrees. Their entrees of choice are eggplant parmigiana and the margherita pizza. Since they both share two options, their choices go much further in pleasing the palate. I waver between the chicken cacciatore and the shrimp arrabiata depending on what my gastronomic consciousness is instructing me. Our niece is very much inclined to either of the aforesaid shrimp arrabiata or the mussels arrabiata. Our nephew, who is six feet tall, opts for various things. On our last visit he and I were in sync and so he indulged in the amazing chicken cacciatore.

Regardless of whatever you choose off the menu, all the dishes are winners! You won’t go wrong. Plus the bread which is served with olive oil and butter does its job by whetting the appetite.

The overhanging lights illuminate the restaurant quite nicely, providing ample lighting for you to see your meal and your dining companions, not like some restaurants which have dim lighting.

It’s fully accessible via TTC as there is a stop nearby. If you’re driving there is some parking in the front of the resto or on a nearby side street.

The lavatories are always very clean but be careful walking down the stairs en route if you have to answer the call of nature. La Traviata is open seven days a week so you can go anytime to      have a delicious and very appetizing meal!


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