Mr. Digital Photo Lab: New location, same great service


By: Rhiannon Moller-Trotter and Giovanna Loureiro

When we first walked into the new Mr. Digital Photo Lab location, we were speechless. On November 26, in a much bigger studio on the same corner of Jane and Finch, Mr. Digital Photo Lab moved next door to its old unit.

When asked what motivated the move, Arunan Vijay, who has been capturing moments through his lens since 1993, said that he needed a bigger space to satisfy a greater amount of customers. Since many stores closed down, a larger number of people began looking to use his services.

On top of all the infinite number of services already offered in these past 24 years, Vijay could not hide his happiness when mentioning that they had already started to take pictures of newborns at the new location. Among the services offered by Mr. Digital Photo Lab are: studio photography, business cards, print flyers, metal panel print, banners and posters, canvas print, wide enlargement photos, laminations, and custom craming. Not to mention scans, copies, faxes and ink refills.

While going around the new studio, we could not help but to notice the great amount of photo frames being sold in the new location. With a new updated machine that does all the digital work, the quality increased and the price stayed the same. Meanwhile, as we admired the updated space, the door opened every minute with customers coming in. Known for its passport photo service, Mr. Digital Photo Lab received great and spontaneous feedback from those who have witnessed its growth and who have chosen its services since the very beginning.

If you ever consider customizing mugs and plates or metal panels, Mr. Digital Photo Lab is the place to go! Are you looking for electronics such as professional cameras, smart watches, TV’s or phones? Would you like to do a photo shoot with your significant other? Go to 2001 Finch Avenue West. When taking passport pictures for a family of four or more, DPL offers a complementary 8×10 inch family portrait. Are you still not sure if you should pay them a visit? They guarantee affordable prices for high quality products with exceptional customer service. It is perfect for your busy schedule because they offer instant service, so you can be in and out in quickly. For your next photo or business needs, do not hesitate to check out Mr. Digital Photo Lab -serving the community since 1993.

Digital Photo Lab is located at 2001 Finch Avenue West. Check their website or call 416-746-0006. The store is open Monday to Sunday, 9:30 AM to 8:30 PM.


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