Mathan Makes Tax Season Less Taxing


By: Giovanna Loureiro and Rhiannon Moller-Trotter

It’s that time of year. There you are, scrambling around your home looking through drawers, and sorting through endless piles in order to get your taxes done on time. No one likes dealing with it, except there is one man in Downsview who loves it, and wants to deal with it for you. With 29 years of experience at the same location, right next to Aizen Academy, Thava, who named the company after his son, Mathan, is excited to help community members get the best return.

He tirelessly explains every detail of how individuals can maximize their benefits this tax season, so that one knows exactly how it all works. As soon as you walk into his office, you are greeted with a wide smile and a plethora of information. Unlike other tax services that seem to want you in and out, where you might leave more confused than when you had entered, Thava’s personal demeanor is a warm change, and any questions you have will be answered.

Helping up to 5,000 clients a year, Thava not only works with Business and Income tax, he is a Mortgage Broker and Real Estate Broker as well. Having clients from all over Ontario and even some from the United States, Thava has an abundance of relevant knowledge where your money is concerned.

Thava is offering a minimum of 15% off for community members who bring in a copy of THIS PAPER! He also offers 50% off to the self-employed or businesses during their first year working with him, and 25% off of their second year. You even get benefits if you refer multiple clients, which after meeting with Thava and receiving his services, you will be sure to do!

As tax season approaches at the end of February, Thava wants to ensure that community members do not feel overwhelmed or scared to begin the process. He encourages showing up in the month of February so that clients may receive benefits more quickly, and states that the earlier one visits, the more time he will have to converse over any and all concerns that you might have. Even if you have not done your taxes in years, you may find that you are still eligible for refunds!

Many people are not aware of deductions and benefits that can be claimed, but Thava is here to inform you of any and all ways that one can maximize their savings annually.

Here are just a few things that you can claim on your taxes: daycare expenses, RRSP contribution, moving expenses, support payments and more -Thava can explain how all of them work and what you will get versus what you have spent.

Thava’s Pre-Visit Checklist (Bring What Is Applicable/What You Have):

RRSP Information

T4s, T4Es (all income slips from employment or unemployment)



OAS (Old Age Security)

T4RIF (Retirement)

RC-62 (Universal Child Tax)

T4PS (Profit Sharing)

Student Specific List:


T2202A (Tuition Payment)

T4A (Scholarships, Bursaries, Grants, etc.)

Remember, consultations with Thava are completely free. Come for advice and with questions, stay for the quality service. The earlier the better!

Mathan Tax Services is located at 1290 Finch Avenue West, Unit #23.

Reach Thava at or 416-665-4756.

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