As hydro bills continue to climb, families in North York are suffering

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath met with numerous residents of 2901 Jane St. in North York to discuss the impact of skyrocketing hydro rates on their families.


“Hydro rates are out of control in this province because of bad decisions made by the Liberal government to privatize more and more of our electricity system,” said Horwath. “Instead of looking after her friends on Bay Street, the Premier should take real steps to help families throughout the GTA by making hydro affordable.”


Residents of 2901 Jane St.  told the NDP Leader about the challenges they are facing as retired people living on a fixed income. Even after switching to equal billing and receiving small rebates through the Ontario Electricity Support Program residents are still struggling, some going so far as to not cook or use electricity at all between 7am to 7pm. The residents of 2901 Jane St. are not unique in their struggles.  Hydro bills have been skyrocketing out of control for many Ontarians all across the province.


“I hear stories like these regularly from people I visit,” said Horwath.  “Hydro rates are too high, they have been for a long time and Kathleen Wynne isn’t doing much about it.  In fact, she is making it worse by continuing to sell-off Hydro One which will drive rates even further up.”


The NDP Leader urged the Liberal government to do the right thing and cancel her plan to sell-off Hydro One because it will only make electricity more expensive for families, businesses and community organizations in Ontario.

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