Can you identify the man in the photo?

On behalf of Madeleine Lefebvre, Chief Librarian, at the Ryerson University Library in Toronto. Ms. Lefebvre and other members of the Canadian Association of Research Libraries recently toured the Netherlands and were asked to help identify the soldier in the picture.
The Canadian soldier (Corporal) seen in the photo below is one of the liberators of the Netherlands in WWII.
In a period between September 1944 and early April 1945, he was housed with a family in Eindhoven, a city in the south of the Netherlands. The family name is Andersson and their address was Franciscus Sonniusstraat 18 in Eindhoven.
The name of the mother was Alida Catharina Andersson (born 1908) and the father was Henricus Johannes Andersson (born 1907). They had three sons: Anton (born 1936), Pieter (born 1940) and Hans (born 1946)

The picture was sent by the soldier to the family in Eindhoven after the war. In the picture are also his wife and son in Canada. We do not have his name or city the picture was sent from.
Is there a possibility to post a message on your website or for instance in a magazine? In the hope that someone will recognize him.

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