Silent steps: a true scary story

It was October, 2005 and the sky had been overcast for most of the day. My step-brother and step-sister, our parents and I all decided to head out for the day. My dad set the alarm as he always does and then locked the door. We went out to the movies and when we got back, what happened made the hair rise on my arms. The door was slightly ajar, just enough that we could not see inside. Cautiously, we pushed the door open and saw that the alarm had been turned off. Immediately we thought that someone had broken in, but there was no sign of damage or anything being missing. As we walked in, what we saw completely shocked us. Beginning at the bottom of the stairs and leading toward the kitchen were wet, tiny, child sized footprints. We were petrified. The footsteps started out of nowhere and then ended abruptly in the kitchen. It wasn’t raining outside and as far as we could tell, no water had recently been running in the home. Scared and huddled together, we searched the house far and wide, and there was no one to be seen and nothing had been taken. To this day we still don’t have any idea what happened in our home, and how those child’s footprints got there.
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