Urgent Care Closed at Jane and Finch Hospital

July 2016 marked the end of urgent care at the Humber River Hospital site located at Jane and Finch.  The location will continue to provide CT, MRI and general x-rays.

The news may be bitter sweet for many residents who are watching the sun set on the community’s old York Finch Hospital, while services are being redirected to the new hospital located near Keele and Wilson.

Joe Astrella, President of the Grandravine Homeowners Assocation, says the old York Finch Hospital played a large role in his life.

When Joe moved into the community in the late 1960’s he immediately took up the call to help in fundraising for the York Finch Hospital that was under construction.  In 1970, his daughter Grace was born there and over the years, his family would drop by when the need arose.  In 1994, Joe credits the hospital for saving his life following a heart attack.

When talk began of expanding the Humber River Hospital network a decade ago, Joe joined a coalition of local residents who favoured expansion of the Jane and Finch site rather than moving it to a new location.

Joe learned of the urgent care closure through this interview and believed residents should have been better notified since the news came as a surprise to him.

Without proper notification, some residents might seek medical assistance at the hospital only to find out through a sign that they will have to seek help elsewhere.

“I am disappointed.” said Joe, “When I was active with the coalition, we were told that the Humber River Hospital site on Church Street would be closing, but that emergency services would still be provided at our Jane and Finch location.”

As services continue to be cut back at the Jane and Finch hospital location, the time may well come when the government decides to pull the plug on our local hospital once and for all.  A disappointing outcome indeed.

For more information on the new Humber River Hospital or the urgent care closure, residents can visit www.hrh.ca or call 416-242-1000.



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