Restaurant Review: Wimpy’s Diner, 590 Sheppard Ave W., Phone: (416) 635-7013.

Wimpy’s Diner is part of a chain of restaurants mostly found in the suburbs or exurbia. I’ve never come across one in downtown Toronto. The one that is being reviewed sits in that large strip mall at the northwest corner of Sheppard Ave. West and Bathurst.

The restaurant is always hopping with patrons. For anyone who craves some good grub at 3am in the morning, this will be the place for you, because it’s opened 24 hours.

The servers are always vivacious and have the joie de vivre. They always smile and always punctuate their pleasant greetings with a smattering of conversation, if you, yourself, are of the sociable ilk.

The kitchen is exposed allowing you to marvel at the wonder of the cooks and sous chefs, who can whip up cuisine in a matter of minutes. Wimpy’s décor reminds one of Alice’s restaurant from the titular eighties comedy. But, rest assured, you won’t find a surly cook or Flo to tell him to “kiss my grits!”

No, this Wimpy’s is always bursting with life! CP24 is on all day long on three overhead flat screen TVs. And that’s a good thing in case you’ve had a busy day and missed the news. The restaurant has many pictures celebrating iconic American celebrities from the days of yore, like Elvis, screen goddess Marilyn Monroe, and the quintessential American “rebel without a cause,” James Dean.

Wimpy’s has a very eclectic menu. It offers an all-day breakfast menu, which would please those who are into hashbrowns, toast, and eggs. Sunny side up, anyone? If you have more of an affinity for Greek inspired food they offer three variations of souvlaki. Trust me, their Greek salads are, unequivocally, heavenly.

Of course, there are pastas for those with an Italian bent. I would highly recommend the chicken parmigiana. The servings are so huge you can take home a care package for lunch the following day.

For the health nuts, and those, who are more into seafood, there is wonderful haddock served with your choice of potatoes or fries (their mashed potatoes are out of this world!), and either a garden salad, or my favourite, Greek salad topped with olives, feta cheese, and Italian dressing.

For more Canadian-inspired fare, you may want to opt for the club house sandwich with coleslaw, which was the choice of my dining companion. I did manage to taste a sampling of the coleslaw, and it was absolutely delish! Jamie Oliver, if you’re reading this, you don’t know what you’re missing!

I’ve always found the wait staff very congenial at Wimpy’s. They always check in on you while you’re dining and can accommodate all requests. There is always music from the eighties streaming while you savour your meal. The miniature juke boxes by every booth are inoperable but add a nice aesthetic touch.

For those wishing to place an order for pick-up, your wish can be granted.  Make your next meal be one at Wimpy’s! Sorry, they don’t take reservations. First come, first served.


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