Your Child can Love Learning too!

After a summer of running around and generally driving you crazy, your kids are finally back in school. But now that they’re in school, you remember that they need some help with their learning habits, or maybe they need more stimulation than they’re getting from school. In either case, there is a business in Downsview geared towards helping your child achieve their very best, all while having a great time.

Last October, Mathan Thava started teaching the UCMAS Mental Math Program at the Aizen Academy. UCMAS mental math is a program that teaches children to do high level calculations mentally.

Learning mental math is a great skill that helps children develop better short term memory, focus and control. All this while boosting their general confidence as they continue to succeed and improve in the classroom and beyond.

One of the greatest benefits of enrolling your children in UCMAS, is that you won’t need to fight to get your children there in the first place. When speaking to Thava he says the kids can see the benefits they are getting. “It’s not a program that they don’t want to go to, the kids really do love it. It’s so rare to have programs where the children love learning”. In classes at Aizen Academy, students can challenge each other and see their peers succeed. This is an important factor, as it allows kids to see that if their friends can accomplish these tasks, they can too.

One example of the success that the Aizen Academy has had with the UCMAS Mental Math program comes from Vraj Patel, a 7-year-old student from Derrydown Public School who won a Merit Award at the 11th Canadian UCMAS Mental Math competition recently held in Mississauga. After being enrolled with Aizen Academy for just 8 short months, Vraj improved his mental math skills and was able to answer 82 questions correctly, in 8 minutes. Each question constitutes 7 rows of numbers that require functions of addition or subtraction.

Thava emphasized the incredible accomplishment it takes for children even to compete at this level, but the work is worth it he says. “It helps them face a lot of challenges and fears going into it”.  Going through this program allows children to use the more creative parts of their brain to help them solve more logical tasks. Practising mental math helps children efficiently deal with the problems in front of them.

Enroll your child today for the September sessions!

Call: (647) 990-0864, open 7 days a week.

Or stop by for the Aizen Academy’s official UCMAS launch on:

September 17th, 2016
1290 Finch Ave W Unit 22

*Receive a FREE UCMAS Student Kit (valued at $35 plus tax) by presenting a copy of this article before September 17, 2016.

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