Top 4 places to visit around Downsview this summer!

Summer is here so when we think about places to go in the city it usually involves going far away but sometimes it is better to enjoy a place in the neighbourhood. Toronto is very rich in green space, theaters, shopping centers, restaurants and much more. These are my Top 4 choices to visit around Downsview this summer.



Black Creek Pioneer Village 100 Murray Ross Pkwy

This attraction is a place to go with children, family and friends. It is a welcoming place with good story tellers who wear old costumes to give us the illusion that we are in old times. This is a place that showcases how Canadians took the first steps to make the modern Toronto that we live in today.


Option 1: Take 106 bus/ Downsview St – Trip cost: 3 $ one way.

Option 2: take 105 bus to Gerry FitzGerald transfer to 60 bus to Murray Rose – trip cost: 3 $ one way

For more information visit:


Mystery Room 1140 Sheppard Ave. W. unit 13

Mystery room challenges you by trapping you in a room. To exit this entrapment you have to use your intelligence, logic and team work. Solving the clues provided in the room gets you closer to escaping the mystery room. This is a good place to go with your friends. There are many difficulty levels for those who want to challenge themselves more.

(5 min walk west of Downsview subway station)

For more information visit:


Nino D’Aversa Bakery 1 Toro Road

One of the best ice cream I’ve ever tasted is at Nino D’Aversa Bakery. The offer a variety of flavours in their traditional Italian style ice cream (gelato). This bakery has an exceptionally diverse menu –but I have to say the pizza is outstanding. This is a great place to go with family or friends to enjoy some very yummy food and treats.

Option 1 ) take 108 bus / St Regis Cres at Keele St – trip cost 3$ one way.

Option 2 ) take 107 bus/ LePage Crt at Keele St – trip cost 3$ one way.


Plaza Latina 9 Milvan Dr

Plaza Latina is another favourite; serving typical dishes from Central and Latin America. Food is prepared on a daily basis with fresh ingredients. The aroma takes over your nose the moment you walk into the restaurant. This is a great establishment to enjoy good food with family and friends.

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