If you like coffee, sandwiches and homemade dessert, Cafe by Kwin is the place to be!

Café by Kwin first opened in July 2015. This friendly neighbourhood café was created by J. Kwin and is a family business involving both parents and their three children as well as an aunt. The children work after school or on weekends and enjoy working while balancing their school and social schedules.

The family works well together and they share bonding moments too. Working with family is, according to them, “a real pleasure.” The business schedule can be adapted to each individuals schedule making it easy to manage.

Cafe by Kwin’s priority is to stick to good quality, healthy and fresh product at affordable prices –and they are great at making you feel comfortable. They provide great customer relationships and delicious food –can’t go wrong!

It all started because J. Kwin is a coffee lover and a cooking devotee, so he came up with the idea of a cafe where he could work with his family. He did a lot of research and invented his own recipes to make good, healthy, fresh and homemade food. He also decorated and designed the café’s layout. The room is spacious which provides different areas that fit several groups of people and they even have outdoor seating!

Their menu includes a variety of sandwiches, coffees, salads, cheesecakes (from The Cheesecake Factory), Belgium waffles, ice cream, and much more. Tu Anh Nguyen (J. Kwin’s wife) is fond of drinks, so J. Kwin also created a variety of drink recipes. I personally recommend the strawberry banana smoothie, which is very fruity and refreshing.

Café by Kwin is a great place to meet with friends, to study or have a meeting. They provide a great atmosphere and friendly, respectful service along with good quality food. It is located at 1 De Boers Drive, 400 meters from the Downsview subway station.

So, do not hesitate anymore, and come enjoy a delicious coffee with a slice of homemade cheesecake sooner than later!

For more information visit: www.cafebykwin.com

Email: mail@cafebykwin.com

Phone: 647-352-5558

Facebook: Cafe by Kwin

Instagram: @cafebykwin

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