The Signs they are a Changing

Having just gone through a large move in life I’ve been sorting through some old boxes. One very important box marked “DAD’S SIGNS” was put in a special place for safe keeping.  It contained hundreds of slides, one for nearly every sign my dad, George Morris, of Kramer and Morris Signs (later changed to George Morris Signs) painted by hand and erected throughout Toronto from the 1930’s up to the late 1980’s when he finally retired.  Looking through the box I came across 2 slides labelled Bathurst Manor.  It brought back wonderful memories of my childhood when he would take me to his sign shop, dressed in my “let her get dirty clothes,” where I enjoyed some of my happiest days with my dad, watching him create the next big sign.

When I was older, I would drive my dad to the sites to make sure his staff erected each sign according to municipal regulations.  Those were days I will treasure forever.  It is well known as the “Manor Plaza” is soon to be no more.

Having just moved into the Bathurst Manor I wanted to share a piece of Toronto history in the hopes it may rekindle old memories for those who have lived through so many changes.

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