Looking to Buy or Sell in Bathurst Manor? Anat Papp is the Real Estate agent for you!

The price for a home around Bathurst Manor has risen drastically. The average price for a detached home, in the last 12 months, is over one million dollars and a condo is over $357 000. The difference is pretty big if we compare to the previous year where the average price for a detached home was about $855 000 and $341 000 for a condo.

This is an increase of 18% for detached homes and 5% for condos making Bathurst Manor one of the highest growing real estate markets in Toronto. Property values are growing at the fastest rate in the city, which means if you purchase in this community you will have a fantastic return on your investment.

Part of buying or selling means hiring a real estate agent and one that is trustworthy is often hard to find. It is important to keep in mind that the money you saved, in your largest asset (your home), needs to be put in the right hands. Whether you are looking to buy or sell in Bathurst Manor, Anat Papp can help you sell your home at top dollar or help you find your dream home!

Papp has over 10 years of experience in real estate and in addition is part of the outstanding Greenfield Real Estate Toronto team.

She began her career in the corporate world soon after she graduated from Wilfred Laurier University with a degree in Honours Bachelor of Business Administration. Her career focus was in Marketing and Sales while she worked at Dupont Canada and Kraft Canada. During this time she also acquired an MBA at York University, Schulich School of Business.

Papp’s extensive customer service skills ensure that the client always comes first. After acquiring her Real-Estate License she began to work closely with her husband who owns Greenfield Quality Builders. She quickly recognized the need for a realtor that not only understood and respected their clients’ needs but one that has knowledge in home finishing to a higher level of detail.

“What I love most about real-estate is the ability to help a family or an individual find a perfect home. It’s about helping the client -without the pressure” said Papp.

Papp’s approach is to work in collaboration with the buyer and sellers to meet their real estate objectives. “We will work together to make sure once you are ready to purchase, you are doing it with knowledge of the market, and you will feel 100% comfortable with the investment you are choosing to make. If selling, you will know you are getting the best value for your asset.” she said.

Her style is simple. “It’s all about you, the client,” she said. The client’s goals are met based on building a solid relationship. Her unique experience with custom home building gives her a different perspective on knowledge of the property, safety, quality of finish and repairs (if any are needed).

Why choose Anat Papp? Her honest and straight forward approach makes it easy for buyers and sellers to trust her. “People like to work with me because I treat their money as if it were my own. I treat each client based on their needs and objectives, and will never close a sale to make a quick buck. What’s important is for the family to be happy.”

Are you looking to sell your home or purchase a home? Do you have real estate questions specific to the Bathurst Manor community? Contact Anat Papp with your questions today and get a quick reply!

For more information or to see some listings visit: http://www.anatpapp.com  

Email: anat.papp@gmail.com

Office: 416-226-1020.



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