Construction Progress at York University Station

Since the conception of the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension, I have worked together with the community, the city, and the TTC on fulfilling the objectives of the project to ensure transit in our community is improved. To date, the tunnelling for the six new subway stations is complete and the remaining construction involves the station infrastructure and subway tracks which are well underway.

Today, the York University Station is a visible part of the campus and the construction of the station’s interior is moving along steadily. The station’s six escalators have been installed, and the electrical and mechanical infrastructure work have started. At the centre of the station is a light well, a glass curtain wall that provides natural light and a view of the York University campus for transit users. Additionally, the glass surfaces of the station will be glazed to ensure that it is bird-friendly. The distinctive shape of the roof will be finished with solar reflective material and is intended to keep the station cooler.

As construction of the station nears completion, the work to re-open the roads for transit on York Boulevard will begin later this summer. I share the community’s enthusiasm to inaugurate the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension in late 2017.

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