The Power of Parents

Many times parents are convinced that they are sending children to school to “get” an education.
The reality is that children are learning wherever they go and whomever they are with, therefore all things (whether good or bad) contribute to their education.

Today social media is a huge influence on children and has even been shown to impact how children write and speak. Shifting our views helps to develop critical thinking and adds to our creative options and improves our problem solving skills in social environments, like school.

A simple action, such as taking the time to communicate with our kids about their school day, can positively improve their (and subsequently your) communication skills. These things may sound insignificant but can have a huge long-term effect.

Another extremely powerful way to play a positive role in your our kids’ lives is by becoming actively involved with the school they attend. Many parents do not realize just how important it is to take the time to be in the school and get to know the principal, the teacher and their teaching philosophy.

Teachers are essential figures that can help your child develop critical enquiry skills and foster a sense of confidence. However, they are also people who appreciate knowing and learning about the background of the child they are teaching on a daily basis. Parents are the first teachers of their child and it is important to continue to have an active part in your child’s learning by partnering with the teacher to support what the child is learning and extend that learning outside of school.

Even if homework can be difficult for parents to understand, simply asking the child if they have homework and encouraging them to do their homework in a quiet place and for a decent amount of time is really effective. Then checking the homework to make sure it is completed and done neatly will help a child see that their parents are invested in what they do. The child will begin to develop a routine of doing homework because they expect their parents to check it on a regular basis.

Parents need to recognize the power they have to help their child be successful and how important parents are to the school they have chosen to help educate their children. If parents work together and have their voice heard, by joining the parent council, attending parent-teacher interviews and parent conferences, schools can only get better. Parents are the gateway to ensuring a better education for their child by being an integral part of the school’s culture.


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