Celebrate our Earth with a free tree from the City of Toronto

Planet earth is where we live, work and play. Earth Day, on April 22, 2016, is when we say ” THANK YOU” to Mother Earth and as in all special occasions, let us give meaning to our gratitude by requesting a FREE tree from the City of Toronto!

There are 34 different kinds of trees to choose from and they can be ordered for planting (by City of Toronto) on your front yard by calling 311, or online at toronto.ca/311.

Trees are amazingly good for us for a number of reasons:
1) Trees get rid of bad pollution (by producing good oxygen, trees are in fact, the City’s lungs -which keep our kids, our seniors and every one of us able to breathe healthy air.

2) Trees increase the property value of a home by 15% (that is why wealthy communities like Rosedale and Forest Hill have lots of trees).

3) Trees provide habitat for birds and other small animals.

4) Trees provide shade, which is not only pleasant on hot days but also helps individuals avoid skin cancer (a growing problem, especially in our older years).

These trees are planted on the portion of your property that is owned by the city (mostly front lawns). You may be asking yourself: why does the City of Toronto provide and plant a FREE tree on your property? Because the city knows all the healthy benefits of trees and wants to help increase the area under a tree cover from about 27% of the city’s geographic area to 40%.

Help yourself, your family and our community in the Downsview area by ordering one of the 34 different types of trees to Celebrate Earth Day!!

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