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The UCMAS Mental Math Program is revolutionizing the way children are learning life skills through math.

These days it isn’t easy to stimulate a child for a long period of time without them reaching for electronics. When children have fun learning while in an encouraging environment surrounded by peers, their brains are given the opportunity to grow and excel in a healthy way. If you are looking for an after school program that will stimulate or child and help them in school then keep reading.

UCMAS is a unique program that was developed in Malaysia in 1993 and has been offered in Canada since 2004. It promotes whole brain development by stimulating both sides of the brain. Children are taught time management, memory, concentration, problem solving and how to multitask. Students range between the ages of four to 13 and they learn math with the use of an Abacus.

“I grew up in the area so I know that such a program can improve scores in standardized testing, and will definitely have a massive impact on student success in this community,” said Mathan Thava who runs the only UCMAS program in North York (located right at Keele St.and Finch Ave.). “Programs fill up quickly and batches usually start around the beginning of a new school semester (September and January),” said Thava. Each level runs for four months, after completing a level there is a ceremony and children are presented with a certificate of completion and moved on to the next level. Children are encouraged to help one another which promotes self-confidence.

“This mental math program teaches a child’s brain to problem solve at a high level using focus and concentration,” said Thava. UCMAS opens the door to a student’s proficiency and confidence in math while laying down the foundation for children to develop fundamental learning skills that will ensure success in school and in their daily lives. “We are teaching kids to utilize their full capacity and levels of concentration to become better at math and use those skills to lead a fulfilling life,” says Thava.

Programs are developed by experts in child development as well as psychologists alongside carefully selected program specialists. UCMAS is an ISO 9001:2008 certified program.

Contact the Aizen Academy to register for the UCMAS Program today!

UCMAS North York @ Keele & Finch

Aizen Academy Inc. – Mathan Thava
1290 Finch Ave West Unit 22
Toronto , ON M3J 3K3

Cell (647) 990-0864 – Office (416) 665-4756


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