William Baker Park: now open to the public

An area North of Downsview Park, the former site of military housing for the former Downsview Air Force Base is now open for the public to enjoy.

The area, North of Sheppard Ave. W, and East of Keele St., and its beautiful woodlot had been off limits to the public since the military base closed in 1996, has been converted into William Baker Park.

“I am proud to have worked in opening up the beautiful space to the community by taking down the fences and improving access,” said Councillor Anthony Perruzza.

The former housing has now been taken down, leaving only the greenspace, the city has also created nature trails and has installed park benches for people to enjoy the space.

Perruzza said the park will be available to the community for years to come as it has been designated as a natural habitat and the city’s secondary plan and thus will remain protected.

“I would like to see Canada Lands recognize and preserve this beautiful park and to see the greater community regularly enjoy and explore it,” Perruzza said.

Have you been to the new park? If so, tell us what you think, send in your pictures or post on our social media pages.

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