Movita’s Hair Attraction: A Community Business Success Story



In May 2015 Movita celebrated the 25th anniversary of having her business in the Downsview community.

This milestone came with a lot of reminiscing for Movita who calls her salon “home”.

Movita is well known in the community for her great skills as a hair dresser, her caring nature, and for always giving back to the community.

If you’ve lived in Downsview for a long time you may have friends who were trained by Movita as she recruited many students from Bathurst Heights Collegiate, Emery Collegiate and CW Jefferys, to

complete apprenticeship

programs with her.

Movita currently has five staff members who also share her passion for improving the community. Together they participate in the CN Tower stair climb, and contribute to many charities in the city and around the world though organizing a fundraising dinner and dance. Previous fundraising events have raised funds for the Etobicoke Community Centre, United Way, a Tsunami relief program, and a clinic in Uganda.

Although many of her former clients have moved to other parts of the city they continue to visit Movita’s salon with their families, the staff at the salon also offer home services for seniors who want to be pampered at home.

Upon entering Movita’s, a clear sense of community can be felt. Children call her “Aunty Mo”, you can hear people telling each other jokes, sharing stories about their families, singing, and laughing. “Nothing but good times” as Movita points out.

When asked, if given the opportunity would you do it all over again? Without blinking an eye Movita replies “Yes in a heartbeat, I would not change a single thing.”

Movita is grateful, and gives credit to all her clients. She goes on to say, it is with all their love and support throughout the years that she was able to do this. “I could not have done it without my clients, they bring a true sense of community”.

Congratulations Movita on 25 successful years!

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