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It’s that time of year again when parents eagerly prepare their children to go back to school, but not everyone may be so thrilled about winding up their summer holiday.

Parents will begin to hear the moans of disgruntled children wanting to have one more month of sleeping in, staying up past their bed time to watch television, hanging out with friends, and visiting the refrigerator over and over again throughout the day.

As kids perceive it, one of the only benefits of going back to school is getting new back to school clothes or uniforms along with cool new school supplies.

Parents may be able to alleviate some of the tug-a-war by convincing their children that returning to school is a good thing.

Help your children to recognize that learning is not a chore. Learning should be continuous throughout the year even when children are not in school during the summer months, because they are indeed learning still, just not in the traditional school setting.

Instead they are learning from T.V, their friends or whatever else is occupying their leisure time.

In fact, studies have shown that “summer learning loss” is the loss in academic skills and knowledge during summer vacation and is estimated to be equal to about one month of school.

If you enrolled your child in a summer camp or program, you may find it less of a battle to get them ready to start school next month, but if you didn’t don’t worry, the battle is still able to be won.

Here are some tips to help your children easily settle in to their back to school routine. Begin by cutting down their television time, reintroduce more chores, and encourage the kids to start practicing their timetables, or writing about their summer experiences in a journal. It is also a great idea to make a few visits to your local library and have the kids take out a few books.

However, if your child is academically strong and you already are adamant about encouraging your child to keep up with their learning, you can focus more on creating balance with recreational activities this fall through local programs in your nearest community centre.

It is great to introduce a sport or art for your child to excel in to teach them sportsmanship and leadership.

Throughout the year, if your child experiences challenges, socially or academically, or if you just want an extra boost of confidence for your child, another great idea is to enlist the help of a local tutor.

With some research you can find one that is affordable to match your budget, or join a community homework club.

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