Hand Sewing 101


By Desmond Miller

Sewing is a useful skill to possess, and if you master it, it can be a lot of fun. This series of articles will teach you how to sew by hand. With this basic skill, you can mend, alter and save many of your favourite clothes and household items.

Threading the needle.

Tools required: Sewing needle, and thread.

1. Select thread that will suit your project. If the thread will be visible, choose a colour similar to your fabric. If it will be hidden, matching thread is preferable, but not essential.

sewing 1

2. Cut a strand of thread about 40 inches long. Anything longer may get tangled while sewing. Take one end of the thread and guide it through the eye of the needle. (TIP: if thread frays, moisten your fingers and smooth the frayed thread to a fine point).

Sewing 2

3. Pull the thread through so one end of the thread is about 1-2 inches longer than the other.

Sewing 3

4. Tie a small knot on the longer end of the thread, as close to the end as possible. (TIP: wrap the thread end all the way around your index finger. Slide your thumb forward against your index finger to make a knot.

5. Now you are ready to sew!

Stay tuned to our next issue to learn more hand sewing techniques, and e-mail us at info@downsviewadvocate.ca with your hand sewing technique requests.

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