Government fails to bring auto insurance prices down

Insurance rates in Downsview are the highest in all of Ontario. The government has allowed insurance companies to charge more depending on the location of the driver which has hurt communities like ours. In general Ontario has the highest insurance rates within Canada, giving our area one of the highest in all of Canada.
The Ontario Liberals promised to keep insurance rates under control, time and time again, but have failed this promise. They have significantly missed their goal of cutting rates by 15 per cent by August 2015 and continue to get further and further away from that goal. After Premier Kathleen Wynne was unable to meet her promise she referred to the 15 per cent goal as a “stretch goal”, we cannot trust this government to follow through with their promises.
In April a report by Ontario’s auto insurance advisor said that Ontario had the most expensive auto insurance premiums in Canada even though we have one of the lowest rates of accidents and fatalities. The average insurance premium in Ontario is $1,458 which is over 50 per cent higher than the average of all other Canadian jurisdictions.
We need a fairer system that charges people the same amount for the same type of vehicle wherever you live in Ontario. It is not fair that one of the least fortunate areas pays the most for car insurance, while also driving less expensive cars. The car insurance companies have been making significant profits because they benefit from an unfair system that the government has set up, in 2015 there were profits of almost $2 billion dollars in Canada.
How does an auto insurance company determine your individual rate?
Auto insurance companies employ specialized statisticians called actuaries who assess the level of risk of each new prospective client. Risk means the likelihood that a client will file a claim and the presumed amount of a claim. The higher the expected risk, the higher the premium. The best client is the individual that pays and pays but never files a claim.
What factors are used to determine your rate?
Actuaries use a number of factors to determine your level of risk including:
· the age and type of car you drive
· the level of coverage and amount of your deductible
· your driving record (including prior claims and traffic offences)
· the number of kilometres you drive
· demographic information such as your age, gender and marital status
· where you live
Who regulates auto insurance companies?
The activities of auto insurance companies are regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario or FSCO, an arm’s length agency of Ontario’s Ministry of Finance. Auto insurance companies are expected to abide by the rules of the Auto Insurance Act 1990. When calculating and raising rates, insurers provide detailed information to FSCO for approval.
The Ontario Liberals have allowed a system that benefits their rich friends in the insurance companies and from much wealthier areas of the province. I want to put a stop to this practice and create a better system that will make insurance rates cheaper

Black Creek Community Health Centre: Where Everyone Counts and Everyone Matters

What seems like a well-kept secret, Black Creek Community Health Centre (BCCHC) has been in the Jane-Finch neighbourhood for the past 28 years. Many people react with surprise when they learn about the wide range of services offered at the Centre, located along the east side of Sheridan Mall at Jane and Wilson, facing Jane Street, between Walmart and Food Basics.

“I had no idea you were here!”.  “You have cooking classes and exercise classes?”. “Your services are all free?”

Black Creek is just one of close to 100 Community Health Centres in our province.  CHCs are started by people in the community, who recognize that not everyone has easy access to health care services. In fact, many groups face barriers to receiving high quality health care due to language, immigration status, poverty, and race. The CHCs’ approach to health focuses on the person and all of the factors that impact health, not just what health condition they have.

Community Health Centres provide medical care and health promotion services. We offer individual appointments and group programs to help people stay physically and mentally well, active and engaged with their community. We have a variety of healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurse practitioners, dietitians, nurses, social workers and kinesiologists that work together in providing the best care to people. And recently we opened a pharmacy.

Six years ago, we opened a second location at Yorkgate Mall, at the northwest corner of Jane and Finch, upstairs beside the Dollarama. This gave us the opportunity to continue to expand our services to youth and families in the wider Jane & Finch community.   

The week of October 16-22 is Community Health and Wellbeing Week, a time to share and celebrate the work of CHCs across Ontario and promote the CHC “Model of Care”. Black Creek will be hosting a number of events at our Sheridan Mall and Yorkgate Mall location and in various community spaces.

For more information:

Call: 416-249-8000 or 416-246-2388


Twitter: @BlackCreekCHC

Revolt Wisely



Homeless in Toronto

The prime minister came and I evaded.

My tax monies!! Our tax monies!! We pay tax!?

What for?

For Homelessness. The jungle is disappeared now. Now a concrete Jungle.