Property tax and water rebates for seniors – Apply and Save Money

Seniors and persons with a disability are often the most affected by the rising cost of living. As the cost of everything goes up, their pension and/or benefits stay the same – this means they are actually making less and less money each year.

In 2008, I worked with Councillor Anthony Perruzza to help establish Toronto’s water rebate program for seniors and persons with a disability whose household income is less than $50,000. Successful applicants can receive up to a 30 per cent rebate for the water they consumed at the end of the year. That same year, we also helped raise the income threshold for Toronto’s Property Tax Increase Cancellation Program to help more seniors apply. Today, if you are a senior or person with a disability in the City of Toronto and your household income is less than $38,000, an application to this program means any property tax increase will be returned to your pocket. Important programs like this provide relief to seniors who are struggling on a fixed income. After their many years of hard work, seniors should live with peace of mind and dignity. Unfortunately, the reality for many seniors is one of financial stress. If you care about a senior or person with a disability who owns a home in Toronto, let them know about these programs that will help them save money. Call your local City Councillor and ask their office for an application or even help in applying:

Ward 8 – Councillor Anthony Perruzza – 416-338-5335

Ward 9 – Councillor Maria Augimeri – 416-392-4021


by Tom Rakocevic